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Residential Preferred Customer Protection Plan

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Our Residential Electrical Preferred Customer Protection Plan includes a thorough Main Service Panel Inspection as well as a Home Safety Check Up. The Preferred Customer Protection Plan involves any necessary tightening, taking amp readings and writing any code violations at the main service panel. The home safety check includes a visual (we do not open lights, boxes, move furniture, access attics or crawl spaces) inspection to point out any obvious safety issues. We check items such as accessible indoor and outdoor lighting, and other receptacles to make sure they are in safe operating condition, as well as properly protected with GFCI’s, ground fault circuit interrupters and make money saving and safety suggestions. 

Our “Preferred Customer” status has many important money saving benefits.  You pay $200 for a 5 year agreement and then receive a 15% discount on all future labor (including work that day).

The discount on a $1000 job would pay for the price of the agreement for the full 5 years.

We periodically offer valuable money- and time-saving specials, available only to our Preferred Customers.