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Replacing an old circuit breaker box, panel change, is not always on home owners minds as a first line of defense, but it should be for a number of reasons. Most homeowners can sleep soundly knowing their electrical panels will protect them by tripping off when a circuit overload occurs, but many homes built between the 1950s and 1990 still have circuit breakers made by the defunct companies Federal Pacific and Zinsco, which may not trip, thus posing a fire hazard. I don’t like using the extreme example of — fire — when talking to my customers about their breaker panels upgrade, although it can happen but a circuit breaker box upgrade also protects electronic devices and the data contained within them. Almost everyone has something electronic in their home with valuable information inside that electronic equipment. Whether you’re a video aficionado or a stock market trader or you collect family photos, or you just invested $2000 in a new flat screen, whatever your area of interest, that’s the best reason to have up-to-date, functional electrical equipment protecting your home.
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Kris Youngquist and All Things Electric have over 25 years of commercial experience. We have extensive experience in commercial projects working with cold storage, refrigeration, electrical car charging stations, high voltage, new installations, remodels, safety inspections, contractual maintenance work, and urgent repairs. All Things Electric specializes in fault finding, performing quality work 7 days a week, while ensuring minimal customer inconvenience and business interruption.

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